Many Deposit Options Available at Classic Poker

Due to the growing popularity of online poker, the demands of the players became significantly higher. Previously many providers had problems with payments that resulted in lengthy and costly solutions. It was a problem that Classic Poker had come across with their loyal players, so as a result Classic Poker now offers the easiest option for depositing and paying customers.

You can now use your bank account to pay money directly to Classic Poker and to receive it when you win. All you need to do to avail to avail of this much simpler option in have online banking set up with your personal bank account. Once this is done, you can make deposits to your Classic Poker account with no added fees. All you need to do to take this fabulous service is to scan your personal information with bank information and then you will automatically benefit from this amazing feature at Classic Poker.

If you have any questions or problems with the registration of bank account or else you can contact the Classic Poker at any time of day and you’ll soon be receiving professional help which is dedicated to everything related to the page. All transactions at Classic Poker run through the well-known and respected company eCash which for years has been the preferred choice for poker players worldwide.

With eCash as a financial solution at Classic Poker, you can be sure that your money will always be stored securely and you will not have to worry about any problems with the payment of benefits or the like.

If you have not yet created a Classic Poker account you can do so here within a matter of minutes. All new customers will get a sign-up bonus of 200% up to €1,000 when they make their first deposit. The bonus will be paid regularly as you continue to play poker at real money tables.

Create Classic Poker account here!

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Join the great Iron Man Challenge at Full Tilt Poker

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Full Tilt Poker and become a new customer.

Full Tilt Poker currently holds the world position of the second largest online poker room. As a result of this standing, Full Tilt Poker can offer all new customers a great sign-up bonus, brilliant promotions and plenty of tournaments with massive prize pools. It doesn’t matter whether you want to win cold hard cash or you would like to sit at a main event table of one of the major international poker tournaments because as a customer at Full Tilt Poker you will have the opportunity to win all kinds of dazzling prizes.

Full Tilt Poker has introduced a new promotion known as the great Iron Man Challenge. All you need to do is earn points by playing real money games at Full Tilt Poker. For example if you can earn 250 points per day for 25 days then you will automatically earn the title of Iron Man.

Once you achieve the Iron Man status you will be entered into a huge $50,000 freeroll. The winner of the $50,000 freeroll will then be entered into a Sit N Go Tournament with 4 other players where the prize pool is a great $5,000. If you win the Sit N Go tournament you will then get the opportunity to play against 3 professional Full Tilt Poker players who will each give you a staggering $50,000 if you manage to beat them. As you can see it is very similar to an Iron Man competition, except there is no need for you to leave your computer.

This great Iron Man promotion is completely free to enter and there are many great chances throughout the day to meet the daily points requirements needed to be declared an Iron Man.

Why not join Full Tilt Poker here and start your journey to becoming an Iron Man champion.

Become a new customer at Full Tilt Poker today and you will be entitled to a great sign-up bonus of a 100% up to the value of $600 dependent on your first deposit. Just use Full Tilt referral code RIDERS600 when you register your new account at Full Tilt Poker to get the maximum out of this great welcome bonus.

RIDERS600 for maximum bonus. Download here!

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Win a free Package to Play at the Irish Poker Open 2011

The Irish Poker Open will be played in Dublin, Ireland from April 22nd – 25th 2011 and you can be sitting at the main event for free by winning one of the weekly Irish Poker Open packages, worth an astonishing $7,200, at LuckyAce Poker.

Is it your dream to play in one of the many live poker tournaments around the world where all the famous poker players win their money??? If so then it might be a good idea to consider entering the Irish Poker Open in April 2011. The Irish Poker Open is one of the most prestigious live tournaments in the world and it has maintained this proud tradition by attracting some of the biggest poker profiles in the world today.  

If you think that it may be too much to spend $3,500 alone for the buy-in of the main event, whilst not even considering the travel and accommodation expenses, do not worry, because LuckyAce Poker are giving you the chance to win a superb package to ensure that you will be at the Irish Poker Open this year.

All you need to do to win one of the weekly packages worth $7,200 from LuckyAce Poker is to first create your Lucky Ace Poker account if you do not already have one. Then you are ready to begin playing in the Lucky Ace Poker Freeroll which, if you win will put you one step closer to winning the IPO package worth $7,200. Once you win step 2 and 3 of the qualifying structure you are through to the Irish Open Qualifying tournament where there is at least 1 guaranteed prize.

Should you want to you can also decide to but directly into steps 2, 3 or the final tournament, which will cost you $300 and is played every Saturday at 20:05 GMT up until the 10th April 2011.

Why don’t you get the ball rolling and create you LuckyAce Poker account today so that you can be in with a chance of winning your way to the Irish Poke Open.

LuckyAce Poker provides one of the best poker bonuses available online today. You will receive a lucrative 25% of your initial deposit immediately up to $100 and the remaining 75% return – up to $400 will be paid in installments as you earn points.
That is, for example, if you deposit $200 in connection with your initial deposit you will instantly get credited $50 and you will have $150 in a pending bonus.

LuckyAce Poker are offering you a unique welcome bonus structure that you will have difficulty finding anywhere else in today’s market. A top offer presented by LuckyAce Poker.

Win Irish Poker Open package here!

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PokerStars VIP Club

PokerStars Sunday understands how important poker is to its player, so to reward the frequent players they introduced the VIP Club. The VIP club has been running since 2006 and has become known as the most prestigious reward and loyalty system in online poker and becoming a member is so easy.

Play and earn points

The more you play for real money on the more player points you will earn. Once you have accumulated points you can begin spending them in the dedicated online store available at 

Two types of points:

VIP Player Points – VPP
Frequent Player Points – FPP

For every $1/€1 you rake back from real money pots you will be awarded a set amount of VPPs. For example:

If you are playing at an 8 or more cash table – regardless of the amount of people who dealt in – you will be awarded

  • 6 VPPs per $1
  • 8.5 VPPs per €1

If you are dealt into a game where the buy-in is $100 +$10, the $100 will go to the pot and the $10 is the entry fee. If 3 people are playing 180 VVPs will be awarded then split 3 ways meaning every player will receive 60 VVPs.

If you are sitting at a 7 seat or less cash table, it doesn’t matter how many people have dealt into the hand the points will still be rewarded as follows:

  • 5.5 VPPs per $1
  • 8 VPPs per €1

The Star program explained

The VPPs are non-redeemable and are only there to dictate how many FPP are awarded. There are four different monthly VPP levels:


VPPs Needed

FPPs Received


0 -749

1 FPP per 1 VPP



1.5 FPP per 1 VPP



2 FPP per 1 VPP



2.5 FPP per 1 VPP

If in February 2011 you are in the platinum star level and you play in a tournament that has a cash entry fee of $5, and you win 27.5 VPPs (5.5 VPPs x $5) and because you are a platinum star you will earn a total of 68.75 FPPs (27.5 x 2.5).

Every month you need to maintain the average set above to stay within that ‘star’ level. Once you have done that you will then be awarded FPPs equivalent to that level.

And if that wasn’t enough PokerStars have introduced two yearly levels that will help you achieve even more FPPs to spend in their reward store.

Yearly Target

VPPs Needed

FPPs Awarded



3.5 FPPs per 1 VPP

Supernova Elite


5 FPPs per 1 VPP

If in 2010 you had earned 250,000 VPPs, for the year of 2011 you will be classed in Supernova. You will then have earned an extra 875,000 FPPs as your yearly bonus.

Your VIP status is always available for you to see once you log on and go to the cashier’s window and select the VIP status option. From here it will list what you have earned this month, what your yearly level is and your monthly level. It will also advise you how much you need to accumulate to go to the next level.

When you have decided you want to spend you FPPs there are many things to chose from in the store, from electronics, poker goods and more. You can also use your FPPs to buy seats at online and live poker tours. Earning your points is easy, create your profile today and start playing your way to the store. In addition to points, you will also be eligible for a $600 PokerStars Bonus, which comes on top of points value.

Create your profile now

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Online Poker History – A Mind Game

There is no doubt that poker has become an extremely popular card game, which slowly and steadily has taken the world by storm. Poker game itself is about 200 years old, but it was not more than small 7 years ago the poker boom really came. Especially online poker has got its hold on the world, after the 2003 stories about a man named Chris Moneymaker, who qualified for the world’s largest live poker tournament WSOP ME. He qualified via a satellite in online poker at PokerStars for $ 44 and ended up turning the money into win at the WSOP Main Event to $2,500,000.

Suddenly a whole new world opened up for the common people with dreams of gold. For how hard could it be to make it, after all it is just a card game. With the success story of Chris Moneymaker and the fact that poker is accessible to everyone without having to invest thousands of dollars on special equipment or equivalent in other sports. Since it only requires a deck of cards, which you can buy for £10. It was as I said, suddenly something really many people would try out.

Even today, living the dream is still on, especially after any new world champions of poker, as Peter Eastgate who in 2008 won the World Series of Poker and more than $8,000,000. Fortunately poker for many has become more than just a card game based on luck, and poker is now a recognized mind game that requires skill.

Like any game involving cards, there is also something in poker called luck, but if you’re new to playing Texas Holdem, then you know that it is a game that requires a lot of skills. When one considers how many poker players that play today, there will be unbelievably many poker players who make many common errors that weaken their play and who can easily become pretty good players, but it requires skills.

The best advice is to study poker and read articles before you head to grips with this sport that requires forethought and discipline.

Read more about poker history.

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Info for PokerStars rakeback

The basic principle is that the world’s largest poker room does not pay money directly to your account, but that a player instead gets paid indirect through the loyalty program.

The actual payment a player can reach is close to 50% equivalent PokerStars rakeback, as long as they clear the bonuses. There are various bonuses such a deposit bonus, Stellar Rewards and Milestone bonus money. In addition is the value of the FPP (Frequent Player Points) points earned, which can be exchanged for tournament money, cash, or used as payment for lots of different electronic gadgets.

Massive with players

The greatest value in my eyes is the massive number of players, who is by far the largest anywhere because of the massive publicity which they get throughout the world. There simply are no other poker rooms that grow these days and thus PokerStars is more or less the only poker room that gets a new intake of fish daily.

Poker income should always be calculated as gains + rakeback + bonus + value of loyalty program. If you have a certain level as a player, there are good chances that your gains or BB/100 clearly exceeds the income of rakeback when playing in a poker room. Pure rakeback poker rooms do often have much tougher opponent, and one thus loss advantage playing.

Direct rakeback or not, PokerStars is and remains a must venue for serious poker players.

Maximum indirect PokerStars Rakeback obtained using PokerStars marketing code PSP7824, which gives a 100% bonus up to $ 600 on the first deposit. A nice bonus calculation method, that nobody else uses, but favors the players that can not find $ 600 to receive the maximum bonus.

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