Discover the Surging Online Bingo Entertainment Trend

It’s totally cool and definitely ‘IN’ to play bingo online and the huge growth in cutting edge online bingo venues is evidence of that ‘trendiness’ in 2015.

Most of the online casinos offer ultra-modern online bingo venues with an exciting variety of bingo game variants along with side games and huge jackpot rewards injecting high powered adrenaline into the proceedings.

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Forget the retro images from the 70’s where little old ladies flocked to the local bingo halls for a few games of low cost bingo and a cup of tea with their bingo buddies. That kind of bingo is basically OVER and done with because modern technology has allowed the development of online bingo that is fast paced and highly lucrative whilst retaining a pleasant sociable atmosphere and a sense of community through live chat in the multiple bingo rooms in each venue.

Bingo continues to be a fun game but having fun can now be extremely rewarding and online bingo opens up the possibilities of winning life changing prize money without leaving the comfort of your own home.


What is online Bingo?

The player buys a bingo card with numbers on it and is required to fill in the numbers which are selected by a random number generator. The aim is to fill in every number on the card in order to claim a prize for a full house. Lesser prizes are awarded for filling in lines as well as completing a full house. There are many types of bingo game variants with varying rules and numbers set out in differing patterns on the bingo cards.


Different Types of Bingo Games

90 Ball Bingo

The 90 ball game variant is the most popular bingo game format, played with 90 balls with the numbers 1 – 90 marked on them. The bingo tickets have three lines with five numbers filling the squares on each line. Prizes may be awarded for filling in the numbers on one line, two lines or for a ‘Full House’ which is the situation when all numbers on the card have been filled in.

Speed Bingo

This is a fast version of 90 ball bingo that lasts about one minute.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This is a 90 ball game variant that is similar to a popular TV show in the UK with the same title. A player who has a full house is offered a mystery box with a money prize hidden inside it and at the same time gets a cash offer from the banker. The player must decide whether to accept the money from the banker or take the mystery prize which may be more or less than the banks offer.

Roll on Bingo

The 90 ball bingo game continues to be played after the first full house has been declared until several players have a full house sharing the prize money.

Lucky Numbers Bingo

A variant of 90 ball bingo where players select three lucky numbers before the bingo game begins. If any of the lucky numbers are matched during the game on one line, two lines or a full house, the player receives an additional lucky numbers jackpot prize.

75 Ball Bingo

In this game variant, balls with numbers 1 – 75 are used instead of the traditional 90 balls. The bingo tickets are set out in a matrix of 5 X 5 making 25 cells in total. In the ‘UK 75 ball bingo’ game variant, prizes are awarded for each completed line on the matrix and an overall prize is awarded for a full house.

Deal or No Deal 75

This is exactly like the 90 ball ‘Deal or No Deal’ where the winner is offered a mystery prize or the banker’s prize money.

Pattern Bingo

Players playing 75 ball bingo need to fill in a set pattern on their bingo card in order to win their prize.

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