Great female poker players 2018

It is the most coveted title in the ladies poker world. Every professional poker player’s biggest dream is to be inducted in the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

Candidates to Poker Hall of Fame

In 2018, there were 50 submissions made by the public but the WiPhoF committee narrowed it down to 11 candidates – Jennifer Tilly, Lupe Soto, Kara Scott, Shirley Rosario, Terry King, Karina Jett, Maria Ho, Haley Hintze, Angelica Hael, Mandy Glogow and Hemance Blum.

The final decision of whom will join the 19 legendary poker ladies will be made by members of the WiPHoF and industry leaders. Ladies are only considered for nomination if they are 35 years or older and have been contributing to poker in a significant way for the past 10 years.

These woman are all pioneers in their own right. They are Marketers, Managers, Producers, Writers, Editors, Investigative Reporters, Global Tour Managers, Commentators, Directors, Ambassadors and Advocates for promoting poker worldwide.

One thing is for sure, these ladies know this strategic game and they know it well. They are all admired players and have made very successful careers and fortunes for themselves.

The 2018 Women in Poker Hall of Fame Celebration Induction Ceremony and Luncheon will take place on 26 June 2018 at Orleans Casino in Las Vegas.

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New Betsafe Casino Arrivals Get Multiple Bonuses

BetsafeIt’s a great time to be looking for an online casino for your casual entertainment with Betsafe having such an amazing welcome promotion running in the Betsafe Casino venue. You won’t find many reliable and safe venues online with such a generous welcome offer so check out Betsafe Casino now.

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Three Phase Welcome Package at Betsafe Casino

All new players registering an account at Betsafe Casino are immediately offered an amazing package of three match deposit bonuses adding up to £1,000 and a varying number of free BIG spins worth £1 each on a selected video slot game such as Gonzo’s Quest. Set up a new account and deposit a minimum of £10 to get your initial 100% match deposit bonus and your 10 Big Spins on Gonzo’s Quest. The initial welcome bonus is worth up to £250 so make sure that you pull out all the stoppers and deposit as much as you possibly can to take advantage of the brilliant offer. Great opportunities to collect free bonus money don’t come around that often unless you are a loyal player at Betsafe Casino where bonuses keep popping up to reward you.

Make your second deposit of at least £10 to Betsafe Casino for a 50% deposit bonus up to £250 and 20 free spins on Gonzo’s Quest or the slot game featuring at that moment in time in the venue for the welcome promo. The third deposit to your new Betsafe Casino account attracts a 100% bonus up to £500 as a way of saying thanks for sticking around at Betsafe Casino. In addition to the massive bonus you get 25 Big Spins worth £1 each on Gonzo’s Quest or a similar video slot selected for it’s great action and big payouts by the team at Betsafe Casino.

Promotions Seven Days a Week at Betsafe Casino

Don’t imagine that the warmth and friendliness at Betsafe Casino ends with your welcome bonus because that’s not the case. Check out the hot promotions under the promotions tab on the website to see what each day holds in fabulous hot deals for loyal customers. Daily Casino Kick-backs are a permanent feature at Betsafe and every day is more exciting than the day before. Mondays sees you get a 50% bonus on your casino game winnings when you play the slot game featuring in the promo that day. Tuesdays are all about slot and Blackjack tournaments and Wednesdays are for Live Casino enthusiasts where you get £10 back if you lose money at the live Blackjack tables. Thursday rewards players for playing an old school slot game with a £15 bonus the next day and Fridays are amazing Lunch Time Power Hour days at Betsafe Casino. Energize yourself ready for a cool weekend with the one hour Betsafe Casino tournament between 12pm and 1pm Central European Time. Saturdays features a mobile casino offer and Sundays are the best days of the week where you can relax in the live casino and get a live casino cashback.

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Identify the Best Online Poker Sites With ClassicPoker

Do you really want to sit for hours or perhaps days trying to identify the best possible online poker room for your personal needs? Every poker player is slightly different from the other making it difficult to satisfy all players with one set of poker features in a card room.

The team at are players themselves and they know that poker players are not ‘just’ gamblers but often seriously skilled card players with a passion for the game. They have done all the searching for you and are offering up to the minute advice and tips about the best online poker rooms. ClassicPoker used to be an active card room in the past and now acts purely in an informative role guiding poker players through the online maze of poker rooms.

The people who have not yet honed their poker expertise usually aspire to do so and are really pleased to find free poker schools and tips from the pros to advance their own game play. Everybody loves to see their bankroll boosted over the month and when a player can see some monthly profit in the poker account it is the ultimate motivation to learn more and win more.

Get the Maximum Rakeback

Rakeback is a great way to get some of the money you put into the pot at the cash games back into your poker account. gives a great run down on where the most rake back can be had in online poker rooms. Some card rooms give rake back in the form of VIP Reward schemes and with generous bonuses rather than simply giving cash back. It still counts as rake back as you get real value returned to you by the poker room to use in cash games and tournaments.

Discover the Best Poker Rooms at ClassicPoker

You will find excellent bonus reviews about three top poker rooms at ClassicPoker: PokerStars, 888Poker and Bet365 Poker. Each of these superb card rooms has a different vision of the world of poker and suit a broad range of poker personalities. Read all of the reviews before deciding which poker room suits your character.

PokerStars tops the elite selection of poker rooms with 100 million players registered in the most amazing card room on the planet. There are plenty of news updates about PokerStars tournaments and special offers at ClassicPoker making it a great place to catch up on the activities at PokerStars. 888Poker is another highly individualistic poker room with its own poker software and Bet365 Poker operates on the iPoker Network. It’s a massive network bringing millions of players in different card rooms under one umbrella. However at bet365 Poker there are also exclusive Bet365 Poker tables with great action. Every one of these poker rooms is great for casual players but the poker pros should be headed for PokerStars. Casual players are very comfortable at Bet365 Poker and at 888Poker you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Three Welcome Bonuses at Betsafe Casino


It sounds completely insane but it is absolutely true that Betsafe Casino offers all new players entering the venue a package of three welcome bonuses worth £1,000. If you thought that one welcome bonus was amazing then check out the promotion at Betsafe Casino which gives all new customers an edge as soon as they put their feet in the virtual door at Betsafe. You get re-load bonuses, free spins and Big spins to arm in your attempt to beat the house. It’s all about adding fire to your game at Betsafe Casino where winning is fabulous.

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To Get Your Three Welcome Bonuses at Betsafe Casino

The most important step leading to your first bonus is to register an account with Betsafe Casino and deposit a minimum of £10. If you can push the boat out and deposit as much as £250 you will get a 100% match deposit bonus up to £250 which means you start to play with £500 in the venue. As soon as you have completed the wagering requirements for the first bonus dropped into your account by Betsafe, you go on to get your second bonus. Deposit at least £10 in your account and you will get a 50% bonus up to £250.

On top of that re-load bonus you will get 25 free spins on Gonzo’s Quest slot game which gives you the chance to win a stack of cash on top of everything else you got free from Betsafe Casino.

The third bonus is awarded when you finish the wagering requirements on the second bonus. Think really carefully about the amount you deposit the third time as you are entitled to a 100% match deposit bonus up to £500. You heard right and it means that you get to play with £1,000 when you deposit £500!

The third bonus doesn’t finish there as you will also receive 25 BIG spins on Gonzo’s Quest where you simply open up the game in the venue and start spinning and winning!


Jackpot Slots at Betsafe Casino

The feel good factor doesn’t end with the welcome bonuses at Betsafe Casino. The venue is packed with rewarding games and many of these are the big selection of jackpot slots. Try out the amazing Hunt for Gold jackpot slot where you can win more than £100,000 for a small wager. All the jackpot slots at Betsafe are reasonably priced and present excellent value to players.

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Discover the Surging Online Bingo Entertainment Trend

It’s totally cool and definitely ‘IN’ to play bingo online and the huge growth in cutting edge online bingo venues is evidence of that ‘trendiness’ in 2015.

Most of the online casinos offer ultra-modern online bingo venues with an exciting variety of bingo game variants along with side games and huge jackpot rewards injecting high powered adrenaline into the proceedings.

Over at you can see a list of Top Bingo Rooms right now and get a nice bingo bonus when you sign up.

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Forget the retro images from the 70’s where little old ladies flocked to the local bingo halls for a few games of low cost bingo and a cup of tea with their bingo buddies. That kind of bingo is basically OVER and done with because modern technology has allowed the development of online bingo that is fast paced and highly lucrative whilst retaining a pleasant sociable atmosphere and a sense of community through live chat in the multiple bingo rooms in each venue.

Bingo continues to be a fun game but having fun can now be extremely rewarding and online bingo opens up the possibilities of winning life changing prize money without leaving the comfort of your own home.


What is online Bingo?

The player buys a bingo card with numbers on it and is required to fill in the numbers which are selected by a random number generator. The aim is to fill in every number on the card in order to claim a prize for a full house. Lesser prizes are awarded for filling in lines as well as completing a full house. There are many types of bingo game variants with varying rules and numbers set out in differing patterns on the bingo cards.


Different Types of Bingo Games

90 Ball Bingo

The 90 ball game variant is the most popular bingo game format, played with 90 balls with the numbers 1 – 90 marked on them. The bingo tickets have three lines with five numbers filling the squares on each line. Prizes may be awarded for filling in the numbers on one line, two lines or for a ‘Full House’ which is the situation when all numbers on the card have been filled in.

Speed Bingo

This is a fast version of 90 ball bingo that lasts about one minute.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This is a 90 ball game variant that is similar to a popular TV show in the UK with the same title. A player who has a full house is offered a mystery box with a money prize hidden inside it and at the same time gets a cash offer from the banker. The player must decide whether to accept the money from the banker or take the mystery prize which may be more or less than the banks offer.

Roll on Bingo

The 90 ball bingo game continues to be played after the first full house has been declared until several players have a full house sharing the prize money.

Lucky Numbers Bingo

A variant of 90 ball bingo where players select three lucky numbers before the bingo game begins. If any of the lucky numbers are matched during the game on one line, two lines or a full house, the player receives an additional lucky numbers jackpot prize.

75 Ball Bingo

In this game variant, balls with numbers 1 – 75 are used instead of the traditional 90 balls. The bingo tickets are set out in a matrix of 5 X 5 making 25 cells in total. In the ‘UK 75 ball bingo’ game variant, prizes are awarded for each completed line on the matrix and an overall prize is awarded for a full house.

Deal or No Deal 75

This is exactly like the 90 ball ‘Deal or No Deal’ where the winner is offered a mystery prize or the banker’s prize money.

Pattern Bingo

Players playing 75 ball bingo need to fill in a set pattern on their bingo card in order to win their prize.

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VIP Members at Ladbrokes Casino Enjoy Exclusive Offers

Do you dream of being a VIP member of Ladbrokes Casino and getting the red carpet treatment all the time? If you haven’t thought of it then it is time to set your sights ‘sky high’ to make sure that you get a piece of the exclusive action as a Ladbrokes Casino ‘Very Important Person’.

As soon as you register a new account with Ladbrokes Casino and make your first deposit you will be offered a 100% match deposit bonus from the Ladbrokes Casino bonus store worth up to £500 as a welcome gesture.

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As with all casino bonuses everywhere on the internet there is a wagering requirement but at Ladbrokes it is very low at only 20 times the amount of your deposit and bonus combined making it really easy to achieve in a short time frame. The pace of play and the wagering levels that casino customers demonstrate over the first few weeks in the venue will show whether they are VIP material. It is up to the customer to contact the dedicated VIP team at and request VIP membership if they want to enjoy the exclusive special offers and opportunities designed especially for those members. There are several levels in the Ladbrokes VIP Club and members get ever larger rewards as they improve their status through more activity in the venue.


Make Sure You Stand Out From the Regular Players

VIP members are the elite customers at Ladbrokes Casino and the dedicated accounts managers do everything possible to ensure that those customers are absolutely satisfied all the time going the ‘extra mile’ to make things happen. VIP players are offered fabulously exciting casino games at Premium tables that are exclusive to the elite customers at Ladbrokes with higher stakes than are permitted at the regular casino tables.

VIP players can opt to play with their chosen VIP friends at the premium tables keeping the gaming personal and entertaining as if they were in a bricks and mortar venue. The VIP customers are asked to remain contactable by giving a mobile telephone number or email address in order to be sent the special offers and exclusive VIP event schedules as soon they are created. Enjoy tailor made promotions which are suited to the types of casino games that you love to play making your time in the casino absolutely unforgettable and what is even more exciting is that members get invitations to amazing live events where they are wined and dined like ‘princes’.

Ladbrokes is a reputable brand in the gaming and sports betting industry that has been around for more than 100 years so it is a wise and natural choice when deciding on your online casino venue to select Ladbrokes above others. The past year has seen huge investment in the digital content and improvement of the products across the board on the internet so customers are flocking to join and benefit from the marvelous improvements that have made Ladbrokes Casino a leading venue.

Register your account now through our link and collect your welcome bonus up to £500.


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Earn Valuable Points at Full Tilt Poker at Double Rates

Full Tilt Poker1If you can be the ‘Early Bird’ when it comes to registering to play in any kind of Sit & Go tournament at Full Tilt Poker you earn twice the normal number of Full Tilt points for every dollar that you contribute in buy in fees. The double point Early Bird promotion is featuring at present on the website and it is definitely the moment to get as many comp points as possible in your account. Full Tilt points earned through the Early Bird scheme can be used to buy tournament tokens and ring game tokens or you can use the points in the online store at Full Tilt Poker which is a veritable ‘Ali Baba’s Cave’ of delectable branded items to make every players mouth water.

Gift Tokens for Sale

You can also buy gift tokens for friends and family so that they can get started at Full Tilt poker with a nice bank roll provided by you. This is a genuinely authentic gift for any adult that likes to play poker or who would like to take up this highly entertaining pass-time which works the mind and can lead to big wins on a regular basis. Full Tilt Poker has an excellent tutorial section under the ‘How to Play’ tab along with essential things that you need to know as a poker player who wants to do as well as possible. Everything about Full Tilt poker is explained step by step and every type of game variant offered in the venue is fully explained too in a simple way that is not confusing. Register an account today at Full Tilt Poker using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to $600.


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Delightful Jackpots Up for Grabs at 21Nova Casino

21 nova casino logo number twoWHG international owns the fabulously exciting 21Nova Casino on the internet which has all the hallmarks of the professionalism that comes with the William Hill brand name. The 21NovaCasino has been operational with great success since 2001 adding a huge customer base with its superb PlayTech games selection which is at the cutting edge of the industry. When you register an account and enter the ‘realm’ of the 21Nova Casino you feel like you have walked into the glittering treasure trove of ‘Ali Baba’ from the fairy tales.

Experiment With Games for Free

Choose whatever game you feel like playing and try it out first in a fun mode learning the mechanics and the quirks of each game so that when you begin to wager real money you get your maximum rewards. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the jackpots that are waiting for you at 21Nova Casino and in the case of the fabulous progressive jackpots you will see how they are growing by the second as players casino wide attempt to get the lovely cash for themselves.

A progressive jackpot game is one where a tiny percentage of each wager goes into the progressive pot causing it to grow progressively and making it even more attractive to players as it goes into the hundreds of thousands and often into the millions of dollars. You can check the lists of winners at 21Nova Casino to get a feel of just how many players do very well indeed in this vibrant venue where the action never ceases no matter what time it is. Register a new account now using our link to 21Nova Casino and you will be offered a welcome bonus package of up to €3,250.

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Stunning Arabian Nights Video Slot at Betsafe Casino Red

BetsafeProgressive jackpot video slots are a great challenge for gamers and at Betsafe Casino Red you are now able to set yourself the goal of winning the massive ‘Arabian Nights’ £2.4 million Super Jackpot that is actually growing like crazy as people casino wide attempt to make that life changing pile of cash their own!

The game has been around for a couple of years and is won regularly when it reaches around £1 million but now it has taken off in the most amazing way and it has players chasing it determined to grab those life changing riches for themselves. The game is easy to play with 5 reels and 10 paylines and if you are determined to get the biggest jackpot of all you need to bet the max on all the paylines. At €0.5 per payline that means just €5 per spin which is a very reasonable amount for a slot with such huge potential. The Super Jackpot winner will know they have won when they see 5 Arabian Princes on the active paylines. There are plenty of free spin opportunities that come from winning the bonus which is triggered by 3 gorgeous oriental lamps on the reels so when you get the bonus you have 15 free spins which is an amazing opportunity to get the Super Jackpot.

A Fabulous Experience Every Time

The Arabian Nights video slot is a pleasure to play with oriental music sounding whenever you hit on a winning combination and the gentle sound effects of the vast desert expanse playing in the background throughout the game. Register an account now with Betsafe Casino Red using our link below and get yourself an instant match deposit bonus of up to £100 to take to the venue immediately.

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Become an Expert Player at PokerStars

PokerStars-BonusEverybody who decides to join PokerStars is in for a great surprise as you have a video tutorial on the home page telling you exactly how to download the software without getting annoyed or frustrated. It takes 5 minutes to get it all set up and you can begin playing immediately however, it is a very good idea to check out the software features before you ‘dive in’ and take a little time to get to know all the tools that have been put in place to help you to maximize your pleasure and keep everything flowing smoothly when you are playing.

Choice Is Huge at PokerStars

There is the largest variety of poker variants available at the cash tables and some of those variants are also offered in tournaments with Omaha the most popular after Texas Hold ‘em which is the classic poker variant played worldwide. Texas Hold’em is the simplest and most straight forward game variant and gives all players a good chance of becoming skilled in the game quite quickly. Players who want to add to their poker knowledge have every chance to learn the rules at PokerStars and to find people wanting to play at all stakes and levels at any time of the day. The video tutorials offered for free by PokerStars are comprehensive and expertly made by poker professionals who are part of the Team PokerStars. You can become a true poker expert if you learn the rules and take on board the tips offered in the tutorials. Register an account today at PokerStars using our link below and remember to include the marketing code PSP5957 to get a welcome bonus of up to $600.

Join Pokerstars and play in the biggest tournaments online
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